Neon Dreamz

A Party Bus Experience

Welcome to the site of Kansas City's newest Party Bus experience!

We are excited to launch into the world of owning our own party buses!  We are a female owned business in the Greater Kansas City area, who have experience and talent in this field.  As drivers for a local company, we learned many things about this avenue.   Our employer taught us about a world of transportation where the customer deserves to have a safe environment, a good time, and can always count on their driver getting them where they need to be.   Unfortunately that wise man is no longer able to pass on his knowledge and experience- may he RIP, but fortunately he paved the way for the business you see before you.

What is a party bus, you ask?  Think Limo, only bigger and a lot more fun!!  With bus capacities up to 34 people, party lights and blue tooth sound systems, our buses are literally a party on wheels!  Why wait to start the party until you get to Power & Light or Westport?  Start at your driveway- and the best part?  The party also ends at your driveway!!  

If you are concerned about the price of a party bus, here are a  few things to think about; the number of vehicles it will take to move up to 34 people, the gas in those cars and the always possible cost of the dreaded DUI. Plus you never have to worry about finding a parking spot!!  There is also the cost of libations, if you bring your own on the bus, it will actually save you money, time and the frustration of getting the attention of a bartender! 

We are aware of the number of choices you have for your transportation needs, we are honored to be part of your consideration. Please, have a look around, reach out with any questions, tell a friend or two about us and have a great day!! 

We look forward to helping you with your transportation needs.