Can we bring a cooler on the bus?

Absolutely! Bring 2! Just be prepared to load and unload them on the bus yourself.

Will you make stops other than our destination?

Once you sign our contract, you are the boss. We go where you request us to go (as long as we can safely maneuver the bus), and we stop where you ask us to stop. Our drivers take directives from the person on the contract unless told otherwise. YOU are in charge of making sure all passengers are reloaded upon leaving any stops.

Do you require us to be off the bus for any designated amount of time?

No. Once you are on the bus, the bus is available for the entirety of your contracted time frame.

Can we extend our finish time?

Yes, as long as the driver and bus have the availability and you notify your driver at least one hour prior to your contracted end time or sooner. All extensions will be paid in cash before extension will be granted as driver cannot run credit cards from bus. At this time we do not accept any digital forms of payment (venmo, google pay, cash app) for this service.

Are there age restrictions?

We will gladly transport any age group, however drinking will not be tolerated by minors and can result in immediate termination of your contract. Minors under the age of 14 will require one adult per every 10 children present. Ages 14-18 will require contact information and a signature from parent or guardian before transport.

Can we smoke/ vape on bus?

No. Smoking/ vaping of any substance (unless you are on fire) can result in immediate termination of your contract and result in $150.00 clean up fee. Our drivers are very understanding about needing to make 'smoke break' stops, all you have to do is notify the driver you wish to stop.

Can we bring food on the bus?

Sure! Just make sure you clean up after your picnic!

Do you provide clean up services?

We do not. You are responsible for cleaning up the bus before the end of your contracted time. Time spent cleaning by customers MUST end before designated contract conclusion time. Any excessive clean up performed by driver or additional time you spend for clean up will result in addition fees.

Can we decorate inside the bus?

Decorations are welcome, however YOU are responsible for cleaning them up at the end of your contracted time. With this in mind, please be aware, we DO NOT allow glitter, rice, bird seed, feathers, loose balloons or confetti as these items do not clean up well. We also do not allow any devices which emit confetti, powder, glitter or any flammable material.

Are there bathrooms on the bus?

No. Our drivers will gladly stop at any local public restroom if the need arises.